My First 1,000+ Medium Views!

And what my next steps are to get to 10,000.

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Okay, it’s been a little over a month since I last published an article so this is honestly a bit of a pick-me-up. However, I do think it’s valuable to reflect on the articles I’ve written — because despite my writer’s block and self-made excuses that it’s not worth expressing my ideas, my subconscious keeps reminding me that it’s worth it.

So, let’s get started!

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This story feature my transition from my possible showcase in Dirty Jobs on Discovery channel to getting my first software engineering internship. I was surprised by it quickly getting featured in The Startup as well as curated by Medium. But alas, it by no means meant I could make writing my fulltime job.

But hey, I would only need to write 37,715 more articles that do as well as this one to meet the yearly minimum wage!

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Need a refresher on coupling vs. cohesion? Well, look no further! Within a few months I had taken an Object-Oriented Programming course in college and then my following internship focused on this paradigm, so this story was asking to be written. Plus, who doesn’t like Python? I found out that Medium will actually continually curate your articles if they have reasonable user engagement, and I’m actually starting to accumulate a little pocket change!

This is one of my articles that I feel could do with some brushing up. I will be updating this article for grammatical mistakes and further content.

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Oof, blockchain. I’m not even gonna dive into this one. The graphs above are analogous to the hype around blockchain. I mean, 200+ views in a day, and then nothing? So weird.

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My best story yet! I was pretty proud of this one, I even took the photo myself (feel free to use). I really tried showing more of my passion for accessible technology with this one and I think it showed. The most fans, claps, that sweet-sweet pocket change and it just keeps on hangin’ in there.

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Last but least, this is the first article I wrote that didn’t attract any publications and didn’t get curated by Medium. What a difference it makes! I honestly thought the content in this article was great, but I do admit it was clunky and spread out across too many directions. I will most likely scrap this article and republish into 2–3 other writing pieces.

So there you have it! I’ve made $3.07, so I’m still saving for a cup of coffee. I’m close to 90 minutes of total reading time, which is pretty interesting to think about.

This has been a great exercise for myself, and I am definitely beginning to hone in on what ideas I have that people seem to enjoy reading. I think Medium has a rule where they won’t curate your story if it has links to your other stories, but this article was mainly meant to get the writing ball rolling for me again. I have plenty of new ideas, and I’m going to give the effort of writing on Medium a longer shot before I make a decision to pursue another creative outlet (anyone looking for a new podcast to listen to?).

My goal of 10,000 seems in reach if I can write quality articles every 2–3 weeks. It’s such a catchy trade-off between a good headline, original ideas and quality content that keep people engaged. I think I got that combination right with my Chromebook article, so the question is how can I get those three pieces right again for new creative ideas?

Well, consistency is creativity’s best friend — so setting aside time to write each week is already a great start.

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Writer for Level Up Coding, The Ascent & The Startup. BS in Computer Science & Applied Math. Writing about software and what I find interesting!

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