Explaining the strategies I used that got me offers from Amazon, Microsoft, and more!

The interview process for tech jobs is notoriously difficult, especially for FAANG companies (now MAMAA?). Whether it’s data structures and algorithms, design patterns and architecture, or even explaining various machine learning concepts — tech interviews are hard. What’s worse, the majority of topics that you must learn for a tech…

The future is approaching, bit by qubit.

Quantum computers have become one of the many buzzwords in today’s tech world, level with terms such as artificial intelligence or blockchain technology. However, quantum computers truly are beginning to come to fruition as a solution to countless real world problems. Researchers around the world are racing towards achieving quantum…

Overcoming it starts with personal accountability.

Imposter syndrome, the feelings of self doubt and personal incompetence despite one’s education, experience, and own intellect. Imposter syndrome plagues nearly every career field, but can be particularly potent for positions centered around technology, math and science. From students to CEOs, I’ve personally met countless individuals who have felt that…

Be a team player and keep merge requests easy for your team

Roads built to curve around a moutain

Merge requests are a fundamental and critical process for software engineers at any seniority level. But what happens when a merge request is so gigantic that you don’t even understand what its purpose is? Junior engineers will become afraid to ask questions, and senior engineers may lose discipline and approve…

Israel Miles

Software Engineer @ Microsoft Quantum Computing. I write about tech, life, and how to be better than the day before.

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