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Hello, my name is Israel Miles — but I also go by Izzy! I started writing during college as an editor for The Colorado Engineer. I am currently a back-end software engineer, although I have a broad background in music, martial arts and math.

I graduated with a BS in Computer Science & Applied Mathematics from The University of Colorado Boulder in May of 2020. My current role focuses on microservices built with a tech stack relying mostly on Go, Docker, Gradle and gRPC. I’m also heavily interested in AI/ML along with the…

Build smooth, fast, and elegant cross-platform apps in a single codebase!

Would you be interested in a framework that allows you to build applications for Android, iOS, desktop, and web in one fell swoop? All while delivering a UI with a blazing 60+ FPS? Thanks to the Flutter framework, all of this is possible and so much more. Flutter was released in May of 2017 by Google, making it just shy of its fourth birthday! Flutter also leverages the Dart programming language, which is considered one of the easiest languages to learn and spares you from hours of pixel twiddling since there is no raw CSS or HTML in the codebase.

The lessons I’ve learned.

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Ihave been documenting my journey of blogging where I published my very first article back in July of 2020. I reached the 1,000 views milestone the following October, increasing to 10,000 views two months later in December. Achieving 100,000 views has been no small feat — to date I’ve written 61 articles with more than 6 hours of reading content. I’ve written a few articles that have done well, and many articles that have flopped. …

A model driven approach to success.

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Nothing is worse than spending hours of your time creating a blog post, video, or website only to see little to no interaction. It can be extremely intimidating to publish your own content online, especially if you don’t get any feedback to begin with. Questions will run through your mind — should I just keep my thoughts to myself? Are people rolling their eyes when they read my post? I’ll never make it as a writer.

Those thoughts can be mathematically modeled to be wrong.

Don’t worry, there won’t be any fancy proofs here. Just a data-based analysis of my…

#3 — Never fall for the conjunction fallacy.

Mathematics is considered one of the purest forms of human thought — and often one of the most confusing. Life is already extremely complicated, so why would you want to throw math into the mix? Well, the entire purpose of math is to simplify complex ideas. Math can go far beyond the quadratic formula everyone was forced to memorize in grade school. In fact, there are principles that you can apply in nearly any situation in your everyday life.

This article will cover three mathematically based principles including concrete examples and how they can keep you ahead of the curve…

Don’t just hit “Approve”

People working at desk
People working at desk
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Code reviews are the glue of any effective software engineering team. A code review is the stage at which an engineer requests their changes to be merged into the main development branch. During a code review, other teammates and senior leadership can comment on and suggest changes to your code through version control systems such as Git and GitLab.

Code reviews are the inflection point from an individual engineer’s changes into a team-wide contribution towards a central code base.

The most important piece of code reviews lies within this transition. Code reviews start with individual ownership from one or two…

Or anything “productive” for that matter.

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Everyone knows the feeling of trying to be productive when your brain feels like mush. It doesn’t matter if you have a blog or not, writer’s block affects every profession. My personal poison is software engineering, which combines the worst aspects of writing with a computer that acts like a punching bag that punches back with fire-hydrant red syntax.

Just the other day, I was hitting my own writer’s block while writing some code. So, I decided I would “take a break” and try to start a draft for a new Medium article (while stuck in my same slouched position)…

Understand the benefits of gradle and the task lifecycle.


You know what makes software engineering one of the coolest careers in the modern world? We build things, and we build them fast — or at least, that’s what we want. Unfortunately, software engineers are constantly delayed by everyday tasks such as configuring, building, and running their applications. Shell scripts can become team-specific, and build automation tools can become cumbersome when used inappropriately.

First we will highlight the basic implementation of Gradle tasks with the Kotlin Domain Specific Language (DSL). …

The pros and cons of one of the most popular crypto payment options.

Despite the recent rough patch, the crypto field is continuing to see new growth and opportunities from innovative blockchain technologies to broadening payment options. With so much change going on, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest options to get involved with the crypto space. One of my favorites over the past few months has been the solid metal Visa debit card. …

Old principles applied to the age of crypto and complexity.

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Thanks to a stew of artificial support systems such as huge amounts of money pumping into the economy from the Fed, stimulus bills, and insane unemployment benefits just to name a few, market risk is basically not a thing. As long as you’re not throwing your money into Coinbase (which is going to crash when the next crypto crash happens in 1–2 years), you have pretty great odds of making a profit in the current markets. …

Israel Miles

BS in Computer Science & Applied Math. Writing about software, blockchain technologies and what I find interesting!

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