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Hello, my name is Israel Miles — but I also go by Izzy! I started writing during college as an editor for The Colorado Engineer. I am currently a back-end software engineer, although I have a broad background in music, martial arts and math.

I graduated with a BS in Computer Science & Applied Mathematics from The University of Colorado Boulder in May of 2020. My current role focuses on microservices built with a tech stack relying mostly on Go, Docker, Gradle and gRPC. I’m also heavily interested in AI/ML along with the…

The pros and cons of one of the most popular crypto payment options.

Despite the recent rough patch, the crypto field is continuing to see new growth and opportunities from innovative blockchain technologies to broadening payment options. With so much change going on, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest options to get involved with the crypto space. One of my favorites over the past few months has been the solid metal Visa debit card. …

Old principles applied to the age of crypto and complexity.

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Thanks to a stew of artificial support systems such as huge amounts of money pumping into the economy from the Fed, stimulus bills, and insane unemployment benefits just to name a few, market risk is basically not a thing. As long as you’re not throwing your money into Coinbase (which is going to crash when the next crypto crash happens in 1–2 years), you have pretty great odds of making a profit in the current markets. …

A favorite combo in today’s tech space.

From gRPC Conf 2020

You’ve heard the saying before, the only thing that never changes is change itself. For better and/or worse, that phrase is especially true in the landscape of technology. The popular protocol gRPC (Remote Procedure Call, we don’t discuss the g for some reason), has become an attractive choice for software engineers due to its highly performance, language independent and contract based solution to connecting client and server communication.

Whether you’ve worked with gRPC before or you’re coming upon it for the first time, this article will cover the following aspects of gRPC with GoLang:

  • Why gRPC was created
  • An overview…

For people in tech and elsewhere.

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Managers should always take the time to connect with other employees. A one-on-one meeting is a chance for the manager to find out how employees are doing not just with regards to work, but how they are on a personal level. Likewise, it is a chance for employees to check in with their managers on how they are handling their job, if they have any blockers and where they can improve to further their careers. …

A blockchain technology that’s on the rise.

The field of blockchain is continuing to explode into 2021. The exponential growth in cryptocurrencies is matched only by the adoption of blockchain solutions in both private and public applications. Market analysis has predicted that the global blockchain market size will explode from $3.0 billion USD in 2020 to $39.7 billion by 2025, at an effective Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 67.3% during 2020–2025.

For your daily basic economics reminder, that growth rate is an averaged value encompassing the entire market. Imagine how the real winners in this space are going to perform.

Furthermore, the 67% CAGR is irrespective…

And why I never want to go back to the office 9 to 5.

Photo: Unsplash

Remote work is here to stay. It doesn’t take long to find headlines about the benefits of remote work or how top tech companies are leading the way. Spotify, Google and Microsoft are a few of many companies that now offer fully remote or hybrid options for their employees. Spotify even went a step further and made their silicon-valley level tech salary a standard regardless of employee location.

As a software engineer myself, I’ve found remote work to be an incredibly productive, flexible and freeing means of progressing my career. …

Leverage build automation and containerization for streamlined deployment.

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There’s a consistent demand for speed and efficiency when developing software solutions. Not only do your applications need to compile flawlessly, but today’s modern tech space has forced the “it works on my machine” phrase to become a vulgarity. Today’s applications almost always need forms of containerization and reproducibility so that your team and your customers can interact with your products from anywhere, at anytime.

In this article, we’re going to cover the fundamentals of automating Docker builds for a Go application using Gradle. …

You’ll be surprised how easy it is.

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Blockchain technologies have been referenced by some as the most influential invention since the internet itself. While the public interprets blockchain synonymously with speculative cryptocurrencies, blockchain actually has an incredibly broad range of applications for the modern world. In fact, cryptocurrencies are only a small facet of the world of blockchain, with many solutions in production being lead by private organizations — ironic enough for a technology that’s meant to be decentralized.

For example, Walmart is already using blockchain to solve supply chain management issues. Combining blockchain with Internet of Things (IoT) technologies (such as live temperature sensors) has allowed…

Sharpen your coding skills!

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This article is part of my personal habit of writing coding problems in with my most relevant language to stay sharp on my programming and problem solving skills. The First Non-Repeating Character question is a well-known beginner computer science question. Here we will understand the problem, write table-driven tests and develop two solutions using Go.

Let’s code!

Understand The Problem

While the title is fairly self-descriptive, it’s always best to understand a coding problem by first walking through some examples. In our case, the First Non-Repeating Character problem is defined by an input of a single string of English characters and an output…

Israel Miles

BS in Computer Science & Applied Math. Writing about software, blockchain technologies and what I find interesting!

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